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This is one homeschool event you don’t want to miss! The Not Back to School Summit!

I am so excited to tell you about this year’s 12th Annual Not Back to School Summit. This has got to be the most exciting event I have attended this year. I can’t wait.

September 12-23, 2016nbts-ad1-e1464056664832

Whether you are an experienced homeschooler – or a newbie at the starting gate – there is something for everyone and you will want to register immediately for this FREE ONLINE event so you don’t miss a thing! There are many powerful presentations lined up on real homeschool topics that you simply will not find answers to in a box.

The Not Back to School Summit is a collection of over 30 speakers on various homeschool topics,  Ranging from Unit Studies to High School Graduation and everything in between.  I can’t tell you how excited I am about this Summit

And its Free!!!!! I so want to squeal from the rooftop (my hubby and neighbors might look at me funny though)

Please spread the word. this is an awesome opportunity for any homeschool family to learn more!!!

You can register here.

I can’t believe the superstar lineup of speakers for this event. Check them out I bet you know a few. And during the Summit you can ask questions directly to them. (have I told you how excited i am about this.)


Keynote:  Foundations for a Triumphant Homeschool

Monday – September 12th – 9am Pacific time

Being at the forefront of home education, welcoming thousands of new families into this culture and lifestyle each year, I get a first-hand look at why people homeschool, what situations they are facing, and what can leave you stuck at the starting gate.  Let’s take a look at this unique opportunity, and what you can do to ensure your children and college-bound students have the best possible foundations in their education – even if you do not have a teaching degree, if your children are gifted or have special needs, or you are looking at homeschooling multiple children.  You can do this – it’s all about leverage!

How to use Unit Studies to Make Learning Fun! 

Monday – September 12th – 11am Pacific time

Do you feel like school is becoming stale? Are your kids just not looking forward to school? Well, unit studies may be just what you need! Unit Studies are like a breath of fresh air, they excite learning! Come see how teaching with Unit Studies can bring back the “fun” in school. I will show you how to create your own Unit Study complete with copy work, notebooking, crafts, and visual aids!

Soften the Writing Strife with Poetry Teatimes

Monday – September 12th – 1pm Pacific time

Poetry + tea + treats = a rich excursion into language and joy for your homeschool.  Ditch the strife and woes of writing, and ease into the school year with celebration and exploration. Discover why an appreciation and enjoyment of poetry creates great writers and readers.  Learn how to enrich your homeschool and create keepsakes in this powerful presentation which introduces writing through poetry.  Poetry Teatimes are the hottest new homeschool practice, and you can join the movement!

I Don’t Have Enough Patience!

Monday – September 12th – 3pm Pacific time

Many moms feel like they don’t have enough patience to home educate their children. What do you do when your worst fears are confirmed and you find out you don’t have enough patience to continue homeschooling? Come learn about what patience is, what it isn’t, where it comes from, and how to grow and thrive in the pressure cooker of mothering.

Getting Started – Visions and Variables

Monday – September 12th – 5pm Pacific time

Often times families who want to take the homeschooling plunge or are facing a new season in their homeschooling experience are tempted to jump right into the details of choosing curriculum, designing their new learning space, or figuring our other logistics and details. However, while these tasks are important, most parents benefit from FIRST looking at (or reevaluating) the “big picture” points and considerations BEFORE making these kinds of strategic decisions or changes. Join Carol as she helps parents develop their own family vision statement, unpack homeschooling myths, and tackle several big questions that most homeschoolers face at the beginning or during other critical points of their home education journey. Carol will power pack this hour to help families get their arms around much of the WHY & WHAT behind the HOW of home education.

The Best Kept Secret to FREE College – the pSAT

Tuesday – September 13th – 9am Pacific time

Imagine throwing away seven trash bags full of college offers! It happened to my family and it could happen to yours. How? The PSAT. Contrary to popular belief, “P” does not stand for practice. In reality the PSAT is a scholarship qualifying test, and it can write you a ticket to just about any college. Discover the 3 little-known secrets about the PSAT and 11 steps to success! Learn how to get colleges begging you to enroll and pick up the tab at the same time.

See and Feel Multiplications!

Tuesday – September 13th – 11am Pacific time

Homeschoolers love math! Teaching and learning math at home can be easy, creative and fun. There are no regulations as to how to learn math at home. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Divisions are the basic elements of math and when mastered one can more confidently learn higher math. My 6 year old is currently learning division and loving it, because of a few principles and methods I have taught him. Come learn eight simple techniques to learn the single digit multiplications and 3 different ways to multiply large digit numbers faster and easier than methods taught in traditional schools. You and your child CAN learn his multiplications or know the principles and techniques to find the answers fast.

Becoming and/or Raising an Entrepreneur

Tuesday – September 13th – 1pm Pacific time

In today’s world, being an entrepreneur might just be the most secure, flexible, and rewarding career out there for you or your kids. Learn the 10 steps you need to start (or help your kids start) a business. You will learn about the information, skills, and pieces you will need to start and succeed as an entrepreneur. You can do it…and so can your kids!

Teaching Stellar Essay Writing

Tuesday – September 13th – 3pm Pacific time

Learn some killer critical thinking skills as Dr. Spivey teaches you how to teach essay writing to your children.

Homeschooling High School Math: Getting Ready For The Future

Wednesday – September 14th – 9am Pacific time

Nearly everyday, as a founder of UnLock Math, I speak with parents who are navigating math in the middle & high school years. This is the time that most homeschool parents fear. With the right approach it can be the most rewarding & enjoyable. I’ll speak from the dual perspective of having been homeschooled as a student AND advising parents on successful paths for their children. Whether your student(s) knows where they’re headed (university, college, trade school, etc.) or not, whether you’re to these years yet or not, my goal is to leave you with something of value, the perspective & tools needed to have a high school home run!

Digital Literacy in a “Pokemon Go” World

Wednesday – September 14th – 11am Pacific time

Digital Literacy is basically the ability to use digital devices and digital knowledge to achieve your goals. It is a set of skills which are seldom taught because everyone who can play “Pokemon Go” figures that they know how to effectively navigate the digital world. Join us for an overview of how to work using the digital world not just play games in it.

10 R’s For Creating A Successful Homeschool Environment

Wednesday – September 14th – 1pm Pacific time

Homeschooling is more about creating the right environment for learning than it is about choosing the perfect curriculum. The parents who understand these 10 R’s consistently turn out more mature, academic and purpose oriented students. Come learn about the 10 R’s that will transform your homeschool too.

Mind Power Connection

Thursday – September 15th – 11am Pacific time

Learn to troubleshoot the mental distractions that keep you from being successful at homeschooling. Learn

* where they come from

* how they affect your brain chemistry

* how they affect your learning

* how to recognize them before they destroy a study session

* how to regain control so you can retain and remember what you study

How to Choose the Perfect HomeSchool Curriculum for your Family

Thursday – September 15th – 1pm Pacific time

Are you stressing over which curriculum to choose? Let me demystify this for you. Come and learn some simple and clear steps you can take to choosing a curriculum that will be a great choice for your family.

What Else is Possible?

Friday – September 16th – 9am Pacific time

If you want your kids to accomplish their dreams, you’ve got to be willing to lead out and go after yours!  Join Heidi as she shares incredible and powerful experiences to inspire you to action.

Notebooking for the Well-Educated Heart

Friday – September 16th – 11am Pacific time

Come learn the art of notebooking to instill a love of learning in the hearts of young people. I have many FREE resources to share with you, ideas for notebooking for the heart, and lots of things to think about!

4 Non-Negotiable Elements of a World-Class Education

Friday – September 16th – 1pm Pacific time

After over two decades of reading omnivorously, studying the lives of great men and women, and traveling extensively on 5 continents, I’m convinced there are four non-negotiable elements of a world class education. Without all four of these foundational components, a true education is simply incomplete. Even the good educational models that many of us are using, are missing one or more of these essentials. Come find out what they are and how to get them going in your family!

Why Your Child Needs to Learn Classical Languages and How to Teach Them

Saturday – September 17th – 9am Pacific time

Learning classical languages is an integral part of a classical education.  Furthermore, learning even a modicum of Biblical Hebrew, Ancient Greek, and Latin unlocks the three essential pillars of Western civilization found in the Biblical, Ancient Greek, and Roman traditions.  Learning classical languages doesn’t have to be difficult and tedious.  In fact, it can be easy and pleasant. I’ll teach you how to use the easy and pleasant new old way to learn and teach classical languages and give you all of the resources you’ll need.

What Every Youth Needs to Know to Become an Awesome Adult

Saturday – September 17th – 12pm Pacific time

If you’re like me, you really want your sons to grow up to be real men, and your daughters to be true women. Not like the world portrays; not the vain ambitions and the wrested priorities. But honorable, noble, principled leaders. Nor do we want them to have the vapid existence of merely living an okay life. We want our children to live on purpose and lead meaningful lives. We long for them to be truly great people. Well, there’s a recipe for that! And I believe every young man and woman needs to know these essential principles and practices for becoming a superb human being.

How to Educate Your Sons and Daughters to Prepare Them for a Whole Life

Monday – September 19th – 9am Pacific time

Are we educating our children for a whole life, or are we just educating them so they can get more education to land a 9-5 job? There is so much more to a whole education. What about an education which includes, academics, resourcefulness and refinement and beyond? Individuals with a whole education have more assets to draw on in life and it can carry them further. Come learn how!


Using Online Music Resources to Enhance Your Homeschooling Curriculum

Monday – September 19th – 11am Pacific time

It has been well-documented that studying music has a unique way of developing the brain and enhancing quality of life. But how can music lessons fit into your routine and budget? Join Joseph Hoffman, MM, creator of HoffmanAcademy.com, to learn how to use online resources in your homeschooling curriculum – even if you have never played a note before!

The Purpose + Mission of School vs. The Purpose + Mission of Education

Monday – September 19th – 1pm Pacific time

Those who are home schooling/educating presently, considering it, or know others who are making this crucial decision may realize that there are differences between them. Or do they? How does each approach impact your ability to raise your kids, or improve your own lot in life? SJ Barakony, the founder of Service Before Self Leadership: An Educational Services Company, will explain. Please be prepared to learn a lot, to reinforce what you may already know, and to have information and the thinking to help your friends, other family members, & others grow in their understanding as well.

Inspire Learning at YOUR Public Library!

Monday – September 19th – 5pm Pacific time

An depth look at today’s public library resources and tools. Edna will present Home Educating families with an inside look at what is offered through your public library. With over 16 years of Home Education experience and 8 years as a Public Librarian, Edna offers a unique point of view on the services and resources within the Public Library system. She will not only show you what resources are available to you but also how to find the resources and programs you want for your family.

Biblical Principles of Communication for the Family

Tuesday – September 20th – 11am Pacific time

Loving God and each other are relationships. Relationships are built on edifying communication. No one can build up, or tear down, more than those that we love the most. In this workshop we will examine how to hear and understand each other in a safe place.

George Washington, First in the Hearts of His Countrymen

Tuesday – September 20th – 1pm Pacific time

In the span of twenty tumultuous years, George Washington was the central figure of a nation’s beginnings, as the U.S.A.’s Founders declared the existence of a new nation; fought a war against the world’s mightiest empire, and broke it apart; created thirteen state governments and a confederation linking them together; wrote a new constitution; amended it with a Bill of Rights; rewrote the state constitutions to align with the new federal system; and, amid massive uncertainties, set the new system to working. What was it about Washington that made him essential in this process? How did his actions, and his personal character, affect the situations and the people around him? Storyteller Jim Weiss brings to life true stories of the man that even Britain’s King George III called “the greatest man in the world.”

Building a Thematic Unit: Learning Through Gardening

Tuesday – September 20th – 3pm Pacific time

In this session, you will hear how we tackled our first thematic unit! During our second year of homeschooling, we were all ready to step away from the books for a while and get our hands dirty. I’ll take you through how we did the following:

** Came up with the idea

** Identified which educational topics we’d cover

** Documented our progress

** Reinforced skills learned

** Integrated milestones to encourage momentum

** Debriefed once the project was over

Raising Never-Give-Up Kids

Wednesday – September 21st – 9am Pacific time

Is your child already dreading the struggle with academic work? How do you help your child keep going? Kathy Kuhl homeschooled her son, who has extensive learning and attention problems, for grades 4-12. The author of Encouraging Your Child shares lessons learned, victories won, and principles to develop character and help your child press on.

Homeschooling As a Couple: How To Do It Together and Have a Blast!

Wednesday – September 21st – 11am Pacific time

Maybe you love to homeschool but your spouse isn’t very supportive. Maybe you both want homeschooling to happen but you can’t seem to agree on the details. Or maybe you’ve tried homeschooling and it’s just not coming together. We know how you feel! After 22 years of homeschooling our 6 children, we have experienced all of these difficulties and more. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are a few KEY INGREDIENTS to homeschooling as a COUPLE that we have learned along the way that have made ALL the difference! They will not only make your homeschooling path much clearer and straighter, they will deepen and strengthen your marriage, unify your family and build an amazing educational culture you will always be proud of!

Filling In the Gaps: Preparing Children For College, ACT, and Great Lives

Wednesday – September 21st – 1pm Pacific time

Whether you think your children are on track to start college early or not is not as important is whether your child is ready to start adulthood or not. This class focuses on preparing children for adulthood by identifying gaps and filling them in to create more purpose for your child’s future.

The Four Lost American Ideals

Wednesday – September 21st – 5pm Pacific time

The United States was founded on five primal ideals, four of which have been lost to the average American. This lecture explores what the four lost ideals are and how to get them back to support financial and political freedom. This lecture explains how vital these lost ideals are to perpetuating the American Republic, entrepreneurship, and the liberty of future generations.

Building a Solid Math Foundation

Thursday – September 22nd – 9am Pacific time

Who is going to build a house by starting with the walls? Without a solid foundation, those walls may hold up for a bit but eventually will come crashing down. Math is a lot like building a house– it’s best to start with a strong foundation and build up from there. It doesn’t have to be hard!  Come and see how easy it is to teach math.

Support Groups – Are they a dying breed?

Thursday – September 22nd – 11am Pacific time

Support groups have adapted to many waves of homeschooling. But are they now dinosaurs? We will talk about support groups, leadership, and why they are still relevant.  This will be a very informative session for group leaders as well as parents who are seeking support outside the home.

How to Encourage Creative Thinkers

Thursday – September 22nd – 3pm Pacific time

Read the text. Work the problems. Take a test.  If that sums up your own school experience, it may influence the way you teach and cause you to be frustrated when your children dread school as much as you did…but these three steps are only the beginning of education–the remnants of a 19th century assembly-line system designed to produce factory workers.  “The good stuff” in education happens during the next three steps–the ones that can transform factory workers into CEOs…but these are seldom taught. This presentation will show you how to encourage students to become enthusiastic learners and creative thinkers who can not only survive, but thrive!

How to Assess your Child’s Learning Strengths: Why It is Important to Implement this Daily in Learning

Friday – September 23rd – 11am Pacific time

Knowing your child’s learning styles or what “type” of learner they are is the first and most important step to reducing frustration around learning and improving accuracy and retention of information. This important skill is quick and easy to teach. In this presentation you will learn how to “Ask Positive Whys” and “Celebrate Small Victories” Using the two quick and easy strategies can lead to identification of how your child learns best!!

10 Tips For a More Successful Homeschool Year

Friday – September 23rd – 1pm Pacific time

Diana Waring and Jay Wile have been working with homeschoolers for more than two decades.  In addition, they homeschooled their own children through high school.  Blending their personal experiences with the things they have learned from other veteran homeschoolers, Diana and Jay discuss ten things you can do to make your homeschool year more enjoyable and effective.  Whether you are a new homeschooler or an experienced one, this talk will help you make the most of your homeschool year!

Enhance Learning with Sensory Layers

Friday – September 23rd – 3pm Pacific time

A teacher who relies only on textbooks is like an artist with only one crayon. It’s much easier to create a masterpiece when you acquire a wider range of options! In this workshop session we’ll brainstorm multi-sensory layers you can add that will make any lesson more meaningful and more memorable for the students you love.

Make History “Relative” – Using Genealogy to Teach History

Day/Time TBA

This is my favorite way to teach history and it had a huge impact on motivating my kids to want to know more about history.  Kids want to go deeper and are more engaged, and surprisingly they remember dates, places, and events much better when they can connect them to their own ancestors.  Come learn how to incorporate your own family heritage to create a rich, engaging social studies curriculum!


Register Here For Free.


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