Yardzee….it’s whats hot this summer!

If you do pinterest your bound to have seen the yardzee games…well I am making and selling them.

We chose to use a smaller bucket then most because of our time spent living in a tiny home. when your going camping you want to save as much space as possible and a lot of my customers are taking these camping.

Ok folks we are selling your new favorite yard game, remember yahtzee? Now larger and ready to be taken to the shade outside.. Awesome for learning, graduation parties, camping trips, family reunions, cookouts, vacations, tailgating or just plan fun.


Each game kit comes with 5 wooden dice, sanded and sealed, laminated score card for 1 to 6 players, dry erase marker, convenient sized decorated bucket for storage and transportation with a LID.

$40 for sealed plain wood sets
$50 for colored sets (ask about your favorite sports team colors..or just your favorite colors)

Find similar sets online for $100…we try to remain reasonable with the pricing to get more people enjoying them hands on instead of just clicking a like button.

Can add your family name to buckets (via vinyl sticker) for a small reasonable extra fee of $2.

We try to cater to your custom color requests also.

We are in the Cynthiana Ky area! yes we are willing to meet elsewhere if we can get other orders to meet in same area/time frame, but fuel is costly, and we try to offer this hand made game at a low cost, to do so after expenses is difficult, without adding on an extra fee for delivery.

We are using a pressure treated lumber, that is not only “Effective against termites, rot and fungal decay” BUT ALSO “the lumber is safe and environmentally friendly” with proper care and storage this set should last a very long time.

Thanks for checking out our post…hope you have a GREAT day….now lets get back outdoors!

Hours of family fun with YARDZEE….

Please PM me if interested. Thank you and have a blessed day.


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