Board games our homeschool loves! 

It’s not new news that learning is easier when you are having fun. It is also not new news board games = fun! I have found in our homeschool that board games help brake up the “boring” school work, and help promote fun learning. Over the years we have made a habit of playing board games as part of our regular curriculum. You heard that right, we play board games and it counts as curriculum, And believe it or not my kids love learning this way. 

When the kids where little we played the classics like Chutes and Ladders which teaches counting, Sorry for good gamesmanship, and Connect 4 for critical thinking and problem solving. We still play Sorry and Connect 4 on those days we have gaming marathons. 

But what I really want to share with you is what we use now. Every week we pull one or two of our games out. We love, I repeat love We the People Fight Tyranny, I can’t tell you how much we love this game. This game teaches history, math and civics. It’s silly and serious all at the same time. One of my favorite parts of the game promotes global and community service in our real lives. The disappoint big brother rewards you for real world citizenship and life skills. My kids love these cards. Since we have started playing this game they have made a point to try and do some of these after having not gotten the reward the first time pulling the card. 

Another game we play is tried and true Trivial Pursuit but with a twist. When asked a question if the player dose not know the answer we use a sand timer and the player gets that time to look up the answer using there smart phone or Kindle Fire This not only teaches them the information in the question, but how to look these things up.

For critical thinking and problem solving we play Blokus and because this is a 4 person game the whole family can play together. 

We have played many other games over the years. I am sure we will play many more. 

What are your family’s favorite board games? 


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