So there’s a chipmunk……

Somewhere in my house…I think.

Last night little miss was courageous and saved a chipmunk from our cats. Poor thing was so worn out from the cat endeavor little miss could hold him. She was afraid if she let him go to soon, as worn out as he was, the cats would have him for sure. So she set him up a nice box to spend the night. The plan was to let him rest get some water and in the morning let him go on his marry way. This however did not happen. When we went to get him for the big goodby the box was empty. We have looked high and low in the hope of finding him hiding in our mud room with no luck. Im sure now that every time I move something in the house he is going to jump out and scare me. So much so that my littles dog has already scared me twice wile tidying up the living room. Will update as events unfold. Have you ever had a wild critter in your house? I’d love to hear how it worked out for you.


Unfortunately Mr spazz did not make it. The dogs had a party while we where gone, or so we thought. Mr spazz was laid to rest. 😦


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