Hunting morels!


It’s almost that time of year. We will be learning about mushroom hunting this yr. Since the morel is called “Americas Mushroom” what better one to start with then the Morel. As we look for our morels you better bet we will be keeping our eyes out for other fungi in the woods. Morels grow in many areas of the US if you would like to learn more about hunting your own morels check out this article in field and stream magazine.

Happy Morel Hunting!


4 thoughts on “Hunting morels!

    1. That’s great Linda, the morel season is over but I bet the same restaurant would be interested in other wild harvested food. Would love to have a local restaurant here to sell to 🙂

  1. Very cool 🙂 The fear of misidentifying a mushroom has always held up back, but with a good guide who knows what she or he is doing this would really be a blast!

    1. We have started with mushrooms easy to recognize like morels and pheasant back also joining some face book groups dedicated to mushrooms has really helped. You can also always look and see if there are mushroom hunting groups in your area.

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