Winter Blues!

imageIt never fails no matter how hard I prepare for winter there comes a time I am so tired of being cooped up inside, cold and moody. This year I even decided no matter the weather I’d spend at least 2 hrs outside. It’s helped up to the last few days where I’ve not been able to be out more than 15 min at a time. Then today I could go to the barn or stay on the porch but anything more and I’d get drenched! I have found taking niacin and having my UV bulb on in the evening or on darker days has help tremendously. But today I feel I’ve succumbed to the winter blues. I find myself dreaming of spring rain and the coming of planting flowers and getting the garden in. (The one I said we where not planting this year because I wanted to focus on other things) I am currently working on getting my seeds ready and also planning on growing mushrooms this yr as well. That should be a lot of fun.

What do you do to help keep the Winter Blues away?

I’ll leave you with pictures of our sledding outing and some of our off the beaten path pictures.


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